Crime and Corruption Reporting Network - KRIK

Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) is an online media portal) established by experiences and rewarded journalists with the aim to expose crime and corruption in Serbia. KRIK has investigated, published and followed more than 70 cases related to government transparency, corruption, and criminal groups, to name just few of them: Darko Saric case, Minister of Health connections to the 'Zemun Clan'5, Mayor of Belgrade propertieso, Panama Papers. The KRIK web portal has more than half a million readers per month. KRIK has been already internationally rewarded for its work: KRIK's journalists have received many national and international journalism awards, out of which the most significant is the Global Shinning Light Award (2015), the international prize which honors tenacious investigative journalists, working under perilous conditions in transitioning countries.


Jelena Vasic

Project Manager

Snezana Petijevic

Project Assistant

Dragana Peco

Lead Investigative Journalist

Bojana Jovanovic

Deputy Editor

Bojana Pavlovic

Investigative journalist and fact-checker

Marta Mihajlovic

Office Manager